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Time is the one thing most of us don’t have nearly enough of.

When you’re not busy working, what would you rather spend your time doing? Enjoying it with your family … or staying on top of an endless string of bills that need to be paid? Stepping out with friends … or managing your budget? Relaxing, exercising, reading a book … or losing sleep over how much debt you’ve accumulated?

APS Money Management gives you back your time. By taking care of the most tedious aspects of your finances, we free you up to enjoy your life, safe in the knowledge that your fiscal obligations are being met and that your future is secure.

Maybe you’ve got more responsibilities to deal with than you used to. Like elderly parents or young children who need to be cared for on a daily basis. Or a large home or property that requires outside services. Maybe you travel often or are in the military, making it hard to manage your home. Or own a small business with growing payroll needs.

Whatever has you feeling like you’re in over your head, APS Money Management can help, empowering you to meet the needs of your family, your home, or your business. Giving them the attention they need. And giving yourself peace of mind.

Businesswoman Signing Cheque

Bill Paying

Whether it’s the mortgage, rent, utilities, car payments, insurance, or credit cards, most of us are buried under a pile of bills these days. So many that keeping track of how much needs to be paid to whom on which day of the month can become a full-time job.

Some bills are the same amount each month, while others vary based on usage. Most companies charge fees or interest and may even damage your credit rating if payments are received late. And very few of them care about the complicated aspects of your life that might be getting in the way of paying them what they’re owed.

Let APS Money Management stay on top of your bills for you. We’ll keep track of who’s owed what, make sure everybody is paid on time, and keep your credit rating safe, while you focus on the more important things in life.

various blank USA tax forms

Finances & Budgeting

If the “Big Picture” of your finances–or those of your elderly parents–seems more like a scrambled jigsaw puzzle, you’re not alone. Keeping track of what your expenses are and understanding exactly where your hard-earned money is being spent requires not only time, but also organizational skills and fiscal expertise.

APS Money Management can transform the pieces of your financial puzzle into a clear picture by giving you the tools needed to track, document, and control your spending. We’ll help you consolidate past bills wherever possible, while also creating and sticking to a realistic budget, a savings plan, and retirement goals for the future.

Last but not least, when tax time rolls around, don’t be caught scrambling. By letting us keep your books in order all year round, the process of getting all relevant documents in order by April will take hours instead of days or even weeks.

Aged elegant woman and tea time at nursing home

Caregiver Services Payroll

Do you currently enlist the services of a caregiver for elderly parents, young children, or someone in your home with special needs? Or is this something you’ll be facing in the near future? Whether it’s a home aide, companion, or nanny you’ve hired, anyone who’s been in this situation knows how complicated things can get.

Odds are, unless a caregiver is being hired for a very short amount of time, they are considered an employee and not an independent contractor in the eyes of the government. Which means these services open the doors to a variety of tax, legal, and insurance regulations and compliance conditions designed to cover the interests of all parties concerned.

APS Money Management takes the headaches out of this process by streamlining it for you. We start by creating a binding work agreement between employer and employee, then ensure that all required tax and insurance documentation is completed and filed, and then take the reins to establish the ongoing payroll process. If necessary, we can even help you identify the right caregiver for your situation.

Pool net cleaner close up

Household Services Payroll

Do you travel often for business or pleasure? Have a spouse in the military? Own a large home or piece of property? Or do you simply have a busy schedule that makes it hard to keep up with the daily and weekly ongoing needs of your home?

Whether it’s housework, gardening, lawn mowing, pool cleaning, or dog walking, the needs of a home can require a commitment of time and energy that are in short supply for some households. When that happens, professional services are required that may require almost as much management as doing the work itself.

APS Money Management can help. Besides handling the payroll, we’ll also facilitate identification, hiring, and management of these resources, freeing up your time to spend with family and friends, pursuing your career, or simply enjoying yourself.

Small business owners couple

Small Business Payroll

Simply carrying out the day to day operations of a small business is a tall order in and of itself. Whether it’s providing a service or supplying a product, if your business is bigger than just you, then managing employee payroll is likely one more time-consuming activity getting in the way of keeping your customers happy and growing your organization.

As the owner of a small business, does your current payroll solution (if you have one) meet all of your needs? Is it robust enough to manage the process for everybody on your team? Does it offer a wide enough range of reporting options to allow you to efficiently oversee and manage that team without the need of a full-time employee?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, then APS Money Management can help. We offer a unique and powerful web-based application that simplifies your entire payroll process, while ensuring accuracy and providing in-depth reporting options. Developed to be both easy to use and intuitive for a range of basic and complex scenarios, our system is guaranteed to meet and exceed your payroll needs.

About Us

Joseph Carbonara is the Managing Director of APS Money Management.

Joseph Carbonara

Joseph started APS (originally “All Payroll Solutions”) after caring for his mother, who was diagnosed with cancer and required the services of caregivers.

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